[TX3270] 70% 이소프로필알콜 – Sterile


Size: 4713.18 ml (16oz) 스프레이 :이중포장으로 외부오염방지

Total: 12 통/case


  • 표면클리닝 및 잔여물 제거
  • 클린룸 내 모든 기기(글로브,노트북,전화기 등)
  • 클린룸 환경내 장비 유입 시 소독용도
  • 텍스와이프 클린룸 와이퍼에 최적

제품문의 및 대량구매문의: 02-6949-5098



Ready-to-Use Convenience.

Texwipe’s Sterile 70% Isopropanol (IPA) contains 70% by volume USP-grade Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) and 30% USP-purified water. To ensure sterility, this solution is submicron filtered, filled into cleaned containers, double-bagged and gamma-irradiated. Each bottle is lot coded with an expiration date for easy recordkeeping.

Choose a stream delivery for precise application or coarse spray for larger application areas. Fully assembled, ready-to-use applicator/container; no unpacking, handling or attachment of a separate spray head is required.

16 fluid ounces with Trigger Spray

Part Number: TX3270

[TX3270] 70% 이소프로필알콜 – Sterile


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