[ECOLAB/Klercide™] 과산화수소 멸균 / 포자살균제 (Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide)

고등급 6% 과산화수소와 주사용 멸균수(WFI) 혼합물입니다.

이콜랩 Klercide™ Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide 는 잔류량이 매우 적은 저농도의 안전한 포자멸균제로 필요한 구역을 위해 특별히 개발되었습니다. 이 혼합 살생물제는 A등급 class 조건에서 0.2미크론 여과 및 멸균 충전하고 B등급/ISO 5등급 클린룸에서 삼중 포장합니다.


• 용도

제품 접촉 부분 소독 및 이송 소독을 포함해 크고 작은 표면에 대한 일상 소독용 입니다.

 • 유효성

세균, 효모균, 곰팡이균, 바이러스, 포자(spore) 제거에 사용됩니다.

• 잔류물

저 잔류 개요서 제품 내독소 수치 <0.25eu> 보장 합니다.

 • 사용 용이성 / 비용절감

모든 멸균액은 용기에서 분배되어 낭비가 없습니다. SteriShield Delivery System은 3개월의 사용 유효 기간을 제공하는 것으로 검증되었습니다. 장기간 사용하지 않은 제품을 버리시지 않아도 됩니다. 떠힌 조정 가능한 트리거 스프레이를 사용하여 액체를 제트 또는 스프레이로 분배할 수 있으며, 이는 특히 중요 구역에서 유용하며 3중 포장되어 있습니다.

• 호환성

다양한 클린룸 표면에 광범위하게 사용할 수 있고 Klercide™ 및 Klerwipe™ 계열과 호환됩니다





Klercide Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide is a sterile cleanroom biocide, which is a blend of high grade 6% hydrogen peroxide and Water for Injection. Its broad spectrum activity includes troublesome bacterial spores. No additional activators are required.

Klercide Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide is suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces in cleanrooms and controlled environments, isolators, LAFs, equipment exteriors and production vessels.
The biocide blend is 0.2 micron filtered, sterile filled and triple bagged under Grade A laminar flow in a Grade B (ISO Class 5) cleanroom using a strictly controlled and validated process.
The trigger spray bottle incorporates the patented SteriShield Delivery System and an adjustable trigger. The unique way in which the SteriShield Delivery System works, as a closed system, ensures that the sterility of the contents is preserved throughout use.


• Very low residue

Klercide Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide is a blend of Hydrogen Peroxide and Water for Injection, so it is very low residue with very low endotoxin levels (<0.25 EU/ml).

 • Compatible with gassing isolators

The grade of hydrogen peroxide used is the same as the Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide used in gassing isolators, so it is ideal for use in very high grade zones and product contact areas

• Very effective, including sporicidal activity

Klercide Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide will control most risks of contamination including difficult bacterial spores. It can be used effectively as part of a rotation with any other Ecolab Contamination Control biocide, or for action point use to remove troublesome organisms.

Easy to use

Klercide Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide is classified as non-corrosive, so it can be used in most cleanroom applications. The fully adjustable trigger spray allows liquid to be dispensed as either a jet or a spray, which is particularly useful in critical areas.

• Cost effective

All the biocide can be dispensed from the bottle so there is no wastage. The SteriShield Delivery System has been validated to give an in-use shelf life of three months so there is no need to discard unused product.

• Environmentally friendly packaging

The packaging does not contain any propellant so does not require any special disposal procedures.

[ECOLAB/Klercide™] 과산화수소 멸균 / 포자살균제 (Sporicidal Low Residue Peroxide)


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