[TX650] TexQ® 4급암모늄계 멸균스프레이(0.2미크론 필터링 및 감마멸균)

EPA 등록된 4급 암모늄제 (Quat.)  

TexQ™ TX650 소독제는 all-in-one 솔루션으로 광법위한 박테리아,바이러스, 포자에 달하는 kill claim을 보유하고 있습니다. 스프레이통에 담겨있어 희석이나 소분없이 바로 사용하실 수 있습니다.

0.2 미크론 필터링 및 감마멸균된 4급암모늄 계열의 멸균제 입니다.

Product Specs

Size: 650ml(22 oz.) 스프레이통 , 12개/case


  • 일반표면,무기포성 표면의 멸균클리닝
  • 테이블,기구,아이솔레이터,후드 등의 멸균클리닝
  • 넓은면적(바닥,벽면,천장)의 멸균클리닝
  • 멸균 로테이션프로그램의 일원으로 권장


TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant is an EPA-registered, one-step disinfectant & cleaner highly effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is fragrance free, dye free, and 0.2 micron filteredGamma Irradiated and sterile validated according to AAMI guidelines.

Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi (59 kill claims), and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and their odors when used as directed. Recommended for everyday use as part of a disinfectant rotation program.

Compatible with glass, laminated surfaces, metal, stainless steel, glazed porcelain, glazed ceramic, sealed granite, sealed marble, plastic (such as polycarbonate, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene or polypropylene), sealed limestone, sealed slate, sealed stone, aluminum, sealed terra cotta, sealed terrazzo, chrome and vinyl, Plexiglas®, vanity tops, enameled surfaces, painted/finished woodwork, Formica®, vinyl and plastic upholstery, washable wallpaper, windows and mirrors.

 TX650 TexQ® Disinfectant Ready-to-Use is available as:

  • Ready-to-Use solution in a spray bottle (reorder number TX650), sterile
  • Ready-to-Use solution in one gallon bottle (reorder number TX652), sterile

 TexQ Disinfectant is also available as:

  • Concentrated solution (reorder number TX651), non-sterile
[TX650] TexQ® 4급암모늄계 멸균스프레이(0.2미크론 필터링 및 감마멸균)


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