[TX7108A] 클린룸용 청소밀대/키트-천장,벽,바닥용


파이버글래스(fiberglass) 핸들 (1.5m) 1개

멸균소독가능한 맙 헤드 (38 cm x 20 cm) 1개

폴리에스테르 패드 (2장) 및 고정핀 (4개)

1회용 전용 맙커버 TX7118 (6장)

폼패드 STX7118(6장)


• 클린룸 벽면,천장 및 바닥 클리닝에 사용

• 약품 적용 및 린스에 적용

•TexQ 약품군을 포함한 멸균제 및 세정제에 최적

• ISO Class 3 – 7 환경

• 산업: 전자공학(Microelectronics),반도체(Semiconductor),제약(Pharmaceuticals),바이오의학(Biologics,)의료기기(Medical Device),조제약국(Compounding Pharmacy)


온라인샵 링크 : acs-shop

제품문의 및 대량구매문의: 02-6949-5098

제품 사용법에 대해 고객사에 방문하여 자세히 설명해드립니다.




Designed for easy cover changes, this large flat mop is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as ceilings, floors and walls. The padded head allows for a consistent contact with different surfaces. The covers easily fit over the head permitting a quick change. Available in standard and autoclave safe models. Texwipe® AlphaMop™ features a large 15″ x 8″ (38 cm x 20 cm) thermoplastic mop head, 60″ (1.5 m) fiberglass handle, pad and fastening pins.

Features & Benefits

• Quick-change system allows the user to replace covers / pads frequently, adhering to strict cleaning protocols • The polyester pad assures the mop cover to conform to surfaces for consistent cleaning • Texwipe’s 100% polyester covers provide the cleanest substrates available for cleaning walls, floors and ceilings • Low profile, swivel head with lightweight handles enables easier cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings and hard-to-reach areas


• Cleaning walls, ceilings and floors • Applying and removing solutions including disinfectants • Ideal for use with common disinfectants and cleaners, including Texwipe’s TexQ • ISO Class 3 – 7 environments • Industries: Microelectronics, Semiconductor, Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Medical Device, Compounding Pharmacy


Autoclave conditions: 20 minutes at 121˚ Celsius, 3 cycles maximum

[TX7108A] 클린룸용 청소밀대/키트-천장,벽,바닥용


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