[Texwipe/TechniCloth®STX609] 클린룸용 부직포와이퍼(멸균)

Absorbent with cleanliness and strength

45% 폴리에스터(polyester) / 55% 셀룰로스(cellulose) 로 구성되어 클린룸 환경에서 제조된 부직포 클린룸용 와이퍼

저분진으로 범용적으로 모든 클리닝에 적합.

STX609 는 감마멸균 및 AAMI 가이드라인에 따른 10⁻⁶ 의 Sterility Assurance Level 멸균 승인된 제품입니다.

제품구성: 45% polyester / 55% cellulose nonwoven material

클린룸 환경: ISO Class 5 – 8, Class 100 – 100,000, EU Grade B – D


  • 표면,장비,구성품 클리닝에 적합
  • 흘린 액체 흡수
  • 유분,끈적임,잔여물과 소독제 잔여물 제거에 적용
  • IPA,에탄올,아세톤,탈지제등의 약품과 함께 사용
  • 장갑,노트북,전화기 등 클린룸에 유입되는 물품 클리닝
  • 라이닝 트레이 밑에 깔아놓아서 부품을 안전하게 보관하거나 건조하는데 사용



Absorbent with cleanliness and strength

Sterile TechniCloth® STX609 nonwoven dry cleanroom wipers are made from 45% polyester / 55% cellulose nonwoven material with a cut edge, and are cleanroom manufactured. These wipes are manufactured to provide low levels of particles and extractables creating a wiper suitable for general cleaning and wiping.

STX609 is gamma irradiated and sterile validated to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10⁻⁶ according to AAMI Guidelines.

Material/Structure: 45% polyester / 55% cellulose nonwoven material with a cut edge

Cleanroom Environment: ISO Class 5 – 8, Class 100 – 100,000, EU Grade B – D


  •         Structure allows for a highly absorbent wiper ideal for spill control, cleaning, and solution application
  •         Excellent chemical resistance for compatibility with a variety of solutions
  •         Meets USP <797> and USP <800> requirements; autoclave safe

Part Number: STX609

Product Specs

Inner Bags: 25 wipers/bag (4 inner bags)Outer Bags: 5 bags/caseWipers Total: 500 wipers total/case


  • Wiping and cleaning surfaces, equipment and parts.
  • Spill control.
  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives, residues and other solutions including disinfectants.
  • Cleaning with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), ethanol, acetone, and degreasers.
  • Cleaning gloves, notebooks, phones or any other item entering the cleanroom.
  • Lining trays for holding, protecting, drying and storing of parts, equipment and devices.
[Texwipe/TechniCloth®STX609] 클린룸용 부직포와이퍼(멸균)


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